GLENDALE — On Thursday, 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst said the teams playbook had been scaled back to focus on plays that quarterback Colin Kaepernick was “most comfortable with.” Kaepernick replied by saying he was “being asked to be myself this year,” and that he was in a “comfort zone.”

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Sunday, he had one of the worst statistical games of his career.

He threw for a career-high four interceptions. They led to 24 points for the Cardinals.

During the 47-7 defeat to the Cardinals, Kaepernick win 9-of-19, for 67 yards and a career low 16.7 passer rating.  He also became the first 49ers quarterback to throw two touchdowns for interceptions since 1980.

“Today was 100 percent my fault,” said Kaepernick. “There’s nothing anyone could have done in that locker room to change that game today the way I played.”

The 49ers offense finished with 10 first downs and 156 total yards on the day. Its worst showing since a 2013 contest against the Carolina Panthers.

Head coach Jim Tomsula isn’t comfortable pinning all the teams misfortunes as of late on the offense.

The 49ers have surrendered 680 passing yards, five touchdowns and 13 completions of 20-plus yards in their past two games. On Sunday, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer finished with 311 yards and a 102.5 QBR. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald finished with 134 yards and two touchdowns.

“We’ve got to play better defense,” Tomsula said. “We’ve got to play better offense. We’ve got to play better special teams. We’ve got to play better everything.”

It seems the ugly monster of the teams inexperience everyone spent all summer talking about has shown its face in the 49ers locker room as well.

Said linebacker Ahmad Brooks: “The losses that we had were big people – guys like Justin Smith and Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith. Those are big shoes to fill.”

“But at the end of the day, we’re all professionals. We’re all here for a reason. So this is our team and we’ve got to make the best out of who we have,” Brooks added.

On the day where Kaepernick spent less than 30 miles from his offseason training facility, it seemed he could just never figure out exactly what to do with the ball.