Could the Giants Trade for Astros’ Wandy Rodriguez?

The Giants, looking to trade for starting pitching at the deadline, really? Apparently so, as the Giants had scouts at Wandy Rodriguez’s start against the Royals Tuesday night according to an article written by Joe Morosi. Other teams with scouts in attendance included the Yankees and the Blue Jays.

What does this mean?

Tim Lincecum has struggled all year, but we can’t expect him to keep struggling because he’s simply been getting unlucky. Whether it’s the defense behind him kicking the ball around or questionable call, or even bloop hits, luck hasn’t been on his side thus far in 2012.  According to a stat called FIP (fielding independent percentage), Lincecum would have a sub-four ERA. Obviously not your typical Lincecum, but I think any Giants fan would take that over  his current 6.19 ERA. However, I don’t think the Giants are as worried about Lincecum as they are with the current state of Barry Zito.

Zito seems to lure Giants fans on his bandwagon every year because he starts out so well.

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And trust me, fans don’t stay on that bandwagon for very long. But, up until his last couple starts he had arguably been the Giant most consistent pitcher. However, after Tuesday’s outing against the Angels where he gave up eight runs in barely three innings pitched,  he seems like a liability every time he takes the mound now.

Is Wandy Rodriguez a pitcher the Giants should think about acquiring?

The Astros seem torn on trading him before the deadline, and he has had a good year. However, the left-hander is making $10 million in 2012 and $13 million in 2013 with a $13 option for the 2014 season. General manager, Brian Sabean probably doesn’t want to take on another big contract especially after the infamous Barry Zito signing. Not to mention that Wandy Rodriguez and Barry Zito both rely on their big curveballs to get outs. Yes, Rodriguez has a better fastball, but according to Fangraphs, his average fastball speed is only at 89.2 MPH this season.

This is just some speculation at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brian Sabean in the market for a starting pitcher, especially with Lincecum and Zito struggling.