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Brandon Lloyd Impresses Harbaugh in the Classroom and Carlos Hyde ‘Gets Football’

Jim Harbaugh is a big fan of Brandon Lloyd.

The San Francisco 49ers head coach said that “right off the bat” that he and Lloyd became “friends” and “allies.” Not only has the veteran wide receiver impressed Harbaugh on the practice fields, but he’s also caught his attention in the classroom.

“He does this thing in meetings, I have not seen before.”

“He’ll be sitting in his chair watching..and then sometimes he’ll stand up…and takes a mental rep as he’s watching the tape. It’s pretty much the whole meeting. He’s talking to himself. There’s self-talk during the meeting. Talk about full speed mentally, 100 percent engaged in the meeting.”

‘”I wish I’d seen that earlier in my career, I could have adopted that into my meetings. It’s awesome.”

Harbaugh also dished out some praise for rookie running back Carlos Hyde.

“He gets football similar to Frank Gore. These aren’t my words, these are Greg Roman’s now but I thought it was pretty astute. He said that Carlos gets football, understands football. It’s natural for him to understand the game, similar to Frank Gore.”

Harbaugh was less talkative, though, when asked about Aldon Smith. The outside linebacker was not at the team’s training facility in Santa Clara on Wednesday, as Harbaugh confirmed before practice. Smith is attending a meeting with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office to deal with April arrest at LAX, but Harbaugh didn’t feel like discussing the topic.

“Is that my responsibility to say where he is?”

Harbaugh also didn’t provide a definitive answer when asked if there is a timeline for LaMicahel James to return from a dislocated elbow. Harbaugh explained that in “LaMichael’s estimation” the running back should be ready for the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on September 7.

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