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Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Wants $18 Million Per Year

The San Francisco 49ers are in a difficult situation as they begin contract negotiations with their talented young quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The team has experienced a very good run of success with Kaepernick at the helm. Jim Harbaugh is also stuck in somewhat of a contract issue with the organization. There are reports surfacing that Kaepernick is in search of a deal that would pay him $18 million per year. Harbaugh is also searching for a deal that would pay him approximately $6.5 million per year.

The recent deal that the Chicago Bears signed Jay Cutler to should serve as a good barometer of where Kaepernick’s contract should fall. According to, Cutler’s deal was a seven year deal worth $126,700,000 and includes an average salary of $18,100,000. The Bears also guaranteed $54 million which is paid out over the first three years of the contract.It is safe to say that the 49ers have enjoyed more success with Kaepernick than the Bears have achieved with Cutler. The 49ers brass could argue that the 49ers do have a much better team surrounding Kapernick.

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys also agreed on a deal that could have some impact on the 49ers negotiations. Statistically, Romo has achieved far more success than Kaepernick, but the real separation occurs when the chips are on the table. Kaepernick has shown much more moxie and the ability to come through in the clutch than Romo has. Once again I referred to for contract details. Romo’s deal is for six years and worth $108 million. The deal includes a signing bonus of $25 million and guarantees $40 million. The average annual salary is once again $18 million.

Kaepernick is now training in Miami which is home to one of the NFL’s most popular agents, Drew Rosenhaus. He has been spotted with a few of Rosenhaus’ clients such as Josh Gordon, Michael Johnson and Joe Haden. The folks in the Rosenhaus camp are starved for a quarterback as one of their clients. They made a very hard push at Robert Griffin III when he declared for the NFL draft but came up short. One has to wonder if there is a similar attempt being made to take Kaepernick from the folks at XAM Sports. This kind of deal would be a big one for Rosenhaus especially while there have been some clients such as Dashon Goldson and DeSean Jackson that have left the super agent. Rosenhaus has a number of clients that are on the 49ers such as Frank Gore and Anthony Davis. He is experienced with working deals out with the 49ers. Has Kaepernick noticed this? That is the question. His presence in Miami is giving Team Rosenhaus a chance to subtly make a pitch for him.

Here are two sources that I suggest taking a look at for more insight regarding the Kaepernick deal:

Contract Forecast via

Joel Corry: An Agent’s Take

All in all, the deal that Kaepernick is seeking may seem excessive to some, but at the end of the day, let’s face it, Kaepernick does have a large amount of value to the 49ers. This is a franchise that experienced a drought of outstanding quarterback play once Jeff Garcia was allowed to leave via free agency. It will take some creative financing but a deal has to be done that will allow Kaepernick to remain the quarterback with the 49ers.

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