Evaluating the 49ers Backup Options at Quarterback

If only the San Francisco 49ers could convince commissioner Roger Goodell, to amend the NFL’s uniform and equipment regulations and rules. Then perhaps, they wouldn’t have to worry about star quarterback Colin Kaepernick being lost to a devastating hit from a defender and potentially torpedoing their super bowl aspirations. Maybe then they could design some type of HALO-inspired exoskelton, offering full  protection and mobility, whilst transforming Candlestick Park into a space-aged battlefield. But I digress.

If Kaepernick were to be lost to injury, even for a short while, the 49ers staff would be hard pressed to find a suitable replacement amongst the unproven and unimpressive  lot which currently inhabit the depth chart. For this season, there is no superman currently waiting in the wings. No player of Kaepernick’s ungodly skill and physical specimen. But does that mean there is no hope? The answers can only be found in a pair of men fighting to hold the clipboard in Kaepernick’s shadow this season. Who are they? And what can they contribute? Let’s take a look.

B.J. Daniels

The wildcard. B.J. Daniels opened his fair share of eyes by leading San Francisco to a 15-13 comeback pre-season victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and his athleticism has many within the organization excited about his potential. The seventh round draft pick opened camp fourth on the depth chart due to San Francisco’s flirtation with trying him at different positions, and halting his development as a quarterback. Now firmly entrenched behind center, Daniels has leapfrogged his competition and become a serious candidate to backup Kaepernick. An expert at running the read-option, attributed to his days operating the spread offense at South Florida, Daniels has showcased a strong quick release and the ability to break for a big run if the situation calls. Though he may be raw and inexperienced, the 23-year old has made the most of his time in Red and Gold this summer and will not be ignored.

Preseason Passing Stats

Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating


21 13 178 61.9 8.5 3 14.3 0 0.0 45 5 20 128.6


Colt McCoy

There was a time when the name Colt McCoy elicited something greater than a groan and a shaking of the head. The former Heisman trophy runner-up and highest paid quarterback on the roster, would seem the logical choice to slide in behind Kaepernick on the depth chart. The problem at hand is that McCoy has failed to impress in nearly every facet of his professional career. After a lackluster interception-laden stint in Cleveland, the former Longhorn has struggled to learn the San Francisco offense and posted a team low 52.6 quarterback rating in the preseason. Before discarding both Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace, the Niners had offered McCoy’s services to various teams throughout the league but were spurned by the lack of interest in the former starter. McCoy has since restructured his contract, and will remain on the active roster for the time being.

Preseason Passing Stats

Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating


43 25 241 58.1 5.6 1 2.3 3 7.0 21 2 8 52.6


The ballad of Scott Tolzien never found an interested listener, and the saga of Seneca Wallace was over before it ever started. The firm of McCoy and Daniels is now open for business, and Niners’ “Faithful” have good reason to fear any and all ailments and injury that could befall Colin Kaepernick.