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Which Free Agents Should Raiders Target With DJax Gone To Washington

After the DeSean Jackson fiasco in Oakland, the Raiders were obviously looking for a veteran receiver to help mold Rod Streater, Juron Criner, Jared Green, Andre Holmes and Greg Jenkins into the stereotypical Oakland Raider receiver – a fast and deep threat that can turn the game around on one play. With Jackson now headed to Washington, the Raiders seem poised to go young instead and draft Sammy Watkins with their first pick. They’ll have him grow from the inside with help from veteran receiver James Jones.

As good as Jones is, there are still a few veteran receivers out there in free agency that the Raiders should target:

Miles Austin: [9 years  – 106 Games Played, 301 Receptions, 4,481 yards receiving, 34 TDs, 216 Receiving First Downs, 3 Fumbles]

Austin should be the first choice for the Raiders if they are still in the market for a wide receiver. He’s quick, strong and has great hands. Austin can be game changer if called upon. He’s been catching passes from Tony Romo for years now so he can develop chemistry with a veteran quarterback which could be music to Schaub’s ears.

Santonio Holmes: [9 years – 103 Games Played, 381 Receptions, 5,963 Receiving Yards, 36 TDs, 290 Receiving First Downs, 6 Fumbles]

Holmes obviously has the experience of being one of the most targeted receivers on this list however his production in the last few years has been less than stellar. However with all his experience of being a number one receiver Holmes can come into camp and teach the young receiver core. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a Super Bowl MVP.

Sidney Rice: [8 years – 81 Games Played, 243 Receptions, 3,592 Receiving Yards, 30 TDs, 177 Receiving First Downs, 2 Fumbles]

Rice has been a little bit injury prone in his career, however he’s shown up when it’s counted most. With 900 yards less than Austin and 2300 yards less than Santonio Holmes, Rice is only behind them by four and six touchdowns respectively. He’s caught passes from Brett Favre and from Russell Wilson so he can learn to adapt to anyone at QB whether it’s the vet that Schaub is or if the Raiders draft a new QB, he can work with him to get on the same page.

Each of these options would be solid pick ups for the Silver and Black and would give them the wily veteran that could not only teach the young kids but also still contribute to the team this year. Time will only tell if the Raiders will still be active in free agency or if they are now steadfast on the draft.

Do you think any of these veterans would be an improvement to the Raiders?

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