Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr Calls Golden State Warriors ‘Very Good’ Rather Than Championship-Caliber

Steve Kerr’s introductory press conference as the new head coach of the Golden State Warriors began in inauspicious fashion.

Right as general manager Bob Myers was about to explain what had led the organization to zero in on the five-time NBA champion his microphone went dead. That happened several more times before the technical issues were finally resolved and Myers was able to provide his answer.

“When you strip it all away, what matters most is winning and sitting to my left is someone who has won at every level. That meant a lot to us. It meant a lot to our owner, it meant a lot to myself and it will mean a lot to our players.”

For his part, Kerr admitted that he was choosing between two “unbelievable opportunities” in the New York Knicks and the Warriors. Ultimately, Golden State just felt right.

“The day we sat down in Oklahoma City, it clicked,” said Kerr. “Everything clicked.”

The coach has already been busy checking in with new players, although none of them were at the press conference at the Warriors downtown Oakland practice facility.

“I’ve reached out to every single player and spoken with all but two. And the reception has been fantastic.”

Kerr wouldn’t provide a concrete answer when asked if he believes that the current group of players represent a championship-caliber team.

“One thing I can tell you is that it’s a very good team. We all know how the NBA works. You can get a few breaks and make a huge run. You can get a couple of injuries and not make the playoffs and those things are all in play.”

Kerr also weighed in on his plans for the coaching staff, one of the central issues that led to the downfall of former head coach Mark Jackson.

“Staff absolutely matters. I won’t offer any names. I know that I’m looking for head coaching experience next to me, so that will be something you’ll see.”

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