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Greg Roman: Bruce Miller Becoming A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ For San Francisco 49ers

Greg Roman is glad to have Bruce Miller back.

“Bruce is a guy that gets football,” said the offensive coordinator in a press conference on Monday.

The fullback broke his scapula in Tampa Bay in Week 15, leading to an early end to his 2013 season. As Roman explained, he’s impressed by the cerebral approach that Miller brings to the game.

“Bruce can think his way through an issue as it’s happening, and that’s a great quality in anybody, really, in life, sports, on the field, of just being able to think your way through something as it’s happening and changing in front of you. He does a great job of that—adjustments, instincts, dependability.”

Roman is also a fan of the versatility that Miller has been displaying.

“Bruce, if he keeps going like he’s going, I mean, he might get the Swiss Army knife moniker, too, that [former 49ers tight end] Delanie [Walker] had. But he’s on his way, just got to keep the pedal to the metal.”

With running backs Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James both sidelined, there’s an excellent chance that Miller will get the chance to continue building that reputation.

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