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Jim Harbaugh: ‘Refreshing’ to Table Contract Talks With San Francisco 49ers Until After Season

Jim Harbaugh sure is happy he doesn’t have to answer any more questions about his contract situation.

“Isn’t it refreshing?” Said the San Francisco 49ers head coach when asked why he thought it was the right move to table contract extension discussions until after the season. It’s just the “49ers way.”

“It has to be refreshing for you, refreshing for everybody in our building, refreshing for our fan base. The concentration will be on the 2014 season and our goals as a football team and achieving those goals. That’s the 49er way that I subscribe to.”

As Harbaugh sees it, the focus has always been on the field anyways.

“As I’ve stated on the record these past months, this past week, all focus is on the 2014 season and achieving our goals.”

“Now, the organization and I are in lockstep and all energy, all focus is on achieving our goals.”

Harbaugh believes that it sets a poor precedent for the rest of the team if he goes to the front office requesting a new deal multiple seasons before his current one is up.

“That’s another thing that I’m on the record for, and I expressed that last summer.”

“It’s just my feelings. It’s just a principle. It’s just a value.”

“I believe that as the leader of the team, if you’re running in for a contract extension every couple of years then it has a tendency to send everybody else running for the water cooler.”

The coach also dismissed the notion that there will be distractions later in the season when he is inevitably linked to jobs that open up on the college and NFL level.

“All focus is on the 2014 season and accomplishing our goals.”

“I understand your speculation. I think you can afford to get out in front of your headlines more than we can that are in this trying to accomplish our goals. Our energy, our focus is on the 2014 season. I think it’s very refreshing.”

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