A Look Inside ‘The Best Sports Museum You’re Ever Going to See’

For Paraag Marathe, the San Francisco 49ers president, there’s just one way to describe the team’s new museum.

“Here we are today with probably in my mind, definitely the best sports museum you’re ever going to see.”

Located on the ground floor of Levi’s Stadium, the museum, which includes the 49ers Hall of Fame, is where you can find Rice, Young, Clark, Craig, Montana, Walsh and Harbugh among other 49ers legends.

“This is a special place,” said Marathe. “I think if you’re a 49ers fan, or a football fan or even just a sports fan, I think walking through this space is going to give you chills.”

On Tuesday, the team offered a tour of the museum. Here are some photos and videos of what Marathe described as a part of the “49ers village.”