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Melvin On Angels’ Series: ‘You Want to Put Your Best Foot Forward’

The Oakland Athletics will be throwing all their big guns against the division rival Los Angeles Angels this weekend.

“You want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, and that’s why we had some tweaks in the rotation,” said manager Bob Melvin.

Sonny Gray is slated to pitch Friday, Jon Lester takes the mound on Saturday and Scott Kazmir will close out the weekend. As the skipper explained, he fully understands just how imposing of an opponent the Angels are.

“We know that they have a very good team, they’ve gotten better as the seasons gone along. They’ve added players, certainly pitchers as the season has gone on. So, they’re one of the nest teams in baseball.”

“We know we’re going to have some seriously, to an extent, emotional games against them because the closer you get to the finish line when you play a team that you’re close to in the standings.”

“There’s going to be that much more importance on each one of those games.”

Melvin looked to the team’s recent history when discussing the task of tracking down Los Angeles.

“I never thought it looked like we were running away with the division.”

“In years past, we were 13 down in August and ended up coming back.”

“These percentage you see up there to win the division and all that—it can be swung very quickly in three games.”

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