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New Raider Report: Introducing Derek Carr

This past Wednesday the Raiders announced that they signed Derek Carr to a $5.37 Million deal over the next four years.

This is a far cry from what his brother, David Carr made when he was signed to the Texans over 12 years ago (7 years, $46.25M) but then again David was a first overall pick.

Derek Carr was high on the Raiders draft board this year and they are hoping that he becomes a steal as he was picked 36th overall and the fourth quarterback taken in the draft.

With Carr aboard the Raiders get a quarterback who is very athletic and great on his feet. At Fresno State Carr proved that he can roll out of the pocket with ease and that if everything starts to crumble around him he can make a play with the ball still by maneuvering out of the pocket and finding an open receiver. He also has a smooth throwing motion and can get the ball out quick. He’s able to find the middle to short receivers in traffic with ease and can zing a ball in there pretty quick. This will be a tremendous asset to the Raiders as they have Jones and Streater who can take the ball with a short gain and make it an amazing play with yards after the catch. He’s also been known to launch the deep ball with great accuracy which will help with a receiver like Moore on the roster.

The only downside to Carr is that he’s relatively short for a quarterback – he’s only 6’2” and his hands are only 9 1/8” inches which is important when you have a Von Miller or Justin Houston bearing down on you and trying to knock the ball out of your hands. Additionally like fellow Raider draft pick Khalil Mack, Carr is known to make ill advised passes trying to make a play when he should just take the sack and live again for another down.

Fortunately for Carr, these things can all be worked on under the tutelage of Matt Schaub and the Raiders coaching staff. It appears that Carr is destined to be the backup for this upcoming season unless “something ‘catastrophic’ happens” to Shaub, which will serve him well and set him up for a long career with the Raider Nation.

Check out some of Carr’s highlights in the videos below:

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