Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders: #DJaxNotToOakland Hangover Remedy

Well, Raider Nation, no #DJaxToOakland.

Your knight in shining armor decided to go to Washington,to hang with Wale and give the Redskins a sliver of free agency hope to their fan base just like in years past. We’ve seen this before, and we’ll see it again. We all know how their season will probably wind up.

And that’s where it hit me, and it should hit you too— These aren’t the same old Raiders. They aren’t spending recklessly and are making financially sound decisions.

Would Al Davis have signed DeSean Jackson? Who knows, but if he did, you better believe he wouldn’t have come cheap and would have probably been more on the Javon Walker end of compensation.

Here’s a thought, what if #DJaxCameToOakland and failed miserably? I would be ripping Reggie McKenzie for bringing him in, and you would too. Well, now we know we won’t need to go down that road.

But here is a road that we DO get to go on, and that is the one that I mentioned in my last article, one of a team on the rise making aggressive, cap-friendly moves with team-first and hungry veterans trying to prove that they haven’t lost a step.

And in that regard, the odds are that not all of them will be successful. However, the odds are also that some of them will be, and regardless, for those who it doesn’t work out with, the team will be able to move on with a minimal to no future salary cap hit.

Maybe Reggie McKenzie isn’t that buffoon that many made him out to be at the start of free agency. I personally like the fact that he stood by his convictions and didn’t overpay for Desean Jackson.

You don’t win football games in April, you win them in December. Even though it’s been pouring rain in the Bay Area for the past two days and feels like winter, it doesn’t change the fact that we have over five months until the start of the 2014 regular season.

Stay patient, Raiders fans. You gave a valiant effort on Twitter and left this reporter very impressed with your conviction. However, in the grand scheme of things, this will be a small footnote on the 2014 season and the future of your franchise is yet to be written.

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