Orion Code- A scam in the Code way!

There are many ways of amassing huge money, but taking shortcuts will always lead you into a disaster. Thinking why and how? Let us explain you!

There are various techniques and strategies formed these days, called by various names, but ultimately all of them lead to the same pothole, where you lose your money, your time and trust. These systems have emerged numerous in numbers and have messed up too many people’s lives. We hope you have heard at least a bit about them. If not, please read further to know!

The methods like Brit Method, Aussie method, Orion Code method, Bitcoin method are all various names for fraudulent ways of earning money, not to you, but for the company. There is no single shortcut way to make quick bucks.

Well, we shall give an elaborate about this method, and you can gauge why it’s a scam.

Orion Code Working:

It’s trading software, which makes use of the code for its functions. It’s a binary trading method, which is claimed to give great returns. They claim of having an upgradation, the 8th time! Not sure, how true it is and for what reasons is that upgradation!

Signing up for the system:

Well, this is an easy peasy task, which doesn’t need a lot of information. A name, email address, and contact number is sufficient to get enrolled. Once you are done with this registration, you will get a link to confirm your place and after clicking there you will get a link for getting access to the system. Its free is their claim, but you need to cough up a charge as initial deposit fees.

The Cost part:

The site says that it’s free for first 20 customers, but we guess, how that would work? First 20 customers on a daily basis, or the whole bunch, which by now would have been completely nil, which means that you have to pay! Well, look at this level of confusion in the right start!

Intro part:

The website claims that its owner is a real person, existing and no fake. It also states that the algorithm gives a good return! But we wonder, if the company was good and genuine, rather than publishing them in video and statement, providing a proof of their work and reality of software could be shown using some actual dummy data, which would have been a little better to clarify!