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San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith to Meet With Commissioner ‘In The Near Future’

Aldon Smith will soon be having an appointment with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I know I’m meeting with him in the near future,” said Smith at the San Francisco 49ers training facility.

The 49ers pass rusher doesn’t know when exactly it will be, but he’d sure like to get the conversation out of the way.

“Uh, as soon as possible,” said Smith when asked his preference on a date. The outside linebacker also shared his feelings on his recent sentencing, which will require him to serve 11 days in a work program.

“I’m glad how it worked out, you know. So, I’m just focused on moving forward right now.”

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in coming into a camp. My mind’s probably in the best spot it’s been in. So, I’m feeling great. “

Smith explained that he’s maintained his sobriety since exiting a rehab facility and enjoyed a productive offseason.

“I changed up a lot of, a couple of workouts. And did a couple of things differently.”

Smith added that he’s highly appreciative of all the support he’s received from his teammates and the organization.The 23-year-old described his recent struggles as a “growing process.”

“I’m thinking everything is about growth and I just keep growing. This process has been a growing process and I’m in a better spot than I have been. “

Smith also thinks that he still has some growing to do on the field. When asked if he thinks he can get better, he replied; “Oh yea.”

In what particular aspects?

“All-around. You know, there’s a lot of areas I can improve in. You know, I’m far from reaching the top, so I’ve got some time to improve.”

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