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San Francisco 49ers ‘Capable of Stepping Up’ With Vernon Davis and Alex Boone Missing Out on Mini-Camp

As San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman explained, mini-camp is kind of like the final exam of the spring. If that’s true, Vernon Davis and Alex Boone will be failing the test.

The tight end and guard have both held out from all the team’s offseason activities and will continue to do so during the 49ers three day mini-camp as they are dissatisfied with their respective contract situations.

For Roman, their absences simply provide other players with the chance to prove their worth.

“All it does is give us a great opportunity for others guys to get in and get work. It’s an opportunity for them to develop and show us what they can do.”

“Whoever’s here, we’re going full steam ahead with them and the guys who are here are taking advantage of that opportunity.”

Head coach Jim Harbaugh was definitely not pleased with the no-shows.

“I’m disappointed in that decision, for them to not be here. There’s a voluntary segment to the off-season and we appreciate those guys volunteering to make the team better.”

“Now it’s mandatory and wish they—not the decision that I envision being the 49er way. Really nothing more to be said about it than, the focus will be on what’s going on here.”

Safety Eric Reid didn’t offer a lot when asked  about Davis’ choice to skip out on mini-camp.

“He’s making a personal decision. I really can’t comment much on it. If he comes for training camp, that would be great. Right now it’s looking like he’s not here, so we’ll put other guys in until he decides to come back.”

Meanwhile, guard/center Daniel Kilgore would be happy to see the AWOL Boone back in Santa Clara.

“I don’t know much about what’s going on with his situation, I wish he was here. Alex is always a person you want on your line. He’s a mean guy, so it does help having him on the line.”

Either way, Kilgore has confidence in the players who are at the facility.

“Like I said, we’ve got guys who are capable of stepping up, as well.”

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