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San Francisco 49ers Q&A With Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson couldn’t wait to get stated with his new team.

The San Francisco 49ers traded for the 27-year-old receiver on May 9, and he showed up at the team’s Santa Clara practice facility the next day after driving down from his home in Elk Grove near Sacramento.

Here are some highlights from Johnson’s recent conversation with reporters at Levi’s Stadium.

Note: Questions are paraphrased but Johnson’s answers are directly transcribed.

From San Francisco to Fairfield, you have lived and played all over the area. Which town gets to claim you?

The Bay Area. I represent the whole Bay Area. I grew up in San Francisco, I went to high school in Fairfield and played my junior college ball out here in Oakland. So, I’m representing the Bay Area. I’m representing everybody out there that’s a 49ers Faithful.

How much more important are these summer workouts when you’re starting with a new team?

Oh, very. Because I came in my first day and I really didn’t understand anything. It was moving so fast. Just the pace. You’ve got to get acclimated to the guys, to the schedule. So, being here is huge. Once I got the call that I was traded, I’m driving down the next day. So, I can try and get involved with the guys.

Where were you when you got the news?

I was in Elk Grove.

What do you see your place as in this franchise?

I just want to, like [head] coach [Jim] Harbaugh said, ‘Glide into it.’ That’s what I’m doing right now, just trying to get my feet under me. And glide into it with the guys. Even though I’ve probably got to glide a little bit faster because they’re probably a little bit faster, or ahead of the curve than I am, but I think we’ll get there as a team.

What’s the best way for you to effectively compliment Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin?

Just be the football player that I am. The game that they have, Crabtree and Boldin, is really, it seems unmatched. I watched film on them, these guys once again, heart, passion, determination. I just got to be that guy just like them. You know, just be that third receiver, or fourth, whatever, on that field to help them out.

Is there a better trio of receivers in the NFL than you, Boldin and Crabtree?

We’ll see once the season ends. If we got that trophy, then we can say we’re the best receiving corp in the league.

Up next in the Q&A series will be quarterback Josh Johnson,

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