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San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks: Post Game Wrap Up

The San Francisco 49ers traveled to Seattle to play the Seahawks and suffered a familiar fate from their NFC West rivals. The Seattle defense shutdown the 49ers offense. There was surely a presence by the 12th man as the 49ers were charged with a few false starts on the day. The offense also had some trouble communicating in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage.

One thing the Seahawks like to do is ride the back of Marshawn Lynch. He had another strong game against the 49ers both running the ball and catching it out of the backfield. Lynch had 98 yards rushing with two touchdowns and three receptions for 37 yards, one touchdown. This helped the crowd get into the game. The Seahawks offense came to play. They were able to get a good balance going in the game.

The Seattle defense was able to get pressure on Colin Kaepernick often. That kept him from being able to get the ball to his receivers. Michael Bennett had an outstanding game as he was able to get constant pressure. Cliff Avril flashed on one play when he had a forced fumble against Kaepernick.

The receivers were really struggling to get open when he did have time. Richard Sherman did a masterful job of shutting down Anquan Boldin by jamming him at the line of scrimmage and sticking with him throughout his routes. Kyle Williams was not a factor either. Vernon Davis did not have a big game as the Seahawks did a good job of containing him.

The running game was non existent in this game. They gained a total of one hundred yards rushing. Their offensive line could not get any holes open for Frank Gore. Kaepernick had 87 yards rushing, most of which came via him scrambling. Seattle did a great job of controlling all of the gaps. The frustration of this run first team resulted in a couple of personal foul calls.


Eric Reid suffered a concussion from a clean hit that he put on Sidney Rice in the second half. It looked like he was trying to adjust the way he hit Rice so that he can avoid a helmet to helmet penalty.

Ian Williams suffered a broken ankle from a cheap chop block by JR Sweezy. Williams was engaged with another blocker when Sweezy threw himself at Williams’ leg and rolled on it.

Aldon Smith had two sacks and has the most sacks out of all players in the NFL since he came into the league. (2011)

Vernon Davis suffered a hamstring injury on a play in which Richard Sherman intercepted a Kaepernick pass.

The five turnovers by the 49ers were the most ever in a game by a Jim Harbaugh led team.

The rivalry has continued to tilt in the Seahawks favor when these teams meet in Seattle. We shall see how the rematch late in the season goes when the 49ers will host the game in San Francisco. That game is sure to have playoff ramifications as these are still two of the better teams in the NFC. Home field advantage is clearly an important thing for these teams to chase as the season goes on.

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