Senior Bowl: Day Two South Practice Notes

The South team had the second practice. The wind really picked up when they came out to warm up. This was going to be a good test for the quarterbacks. Here are some notes from the South practice:

Just like the warm-up and the wind scenario, the money matters too broke worse for people who followed and believed in the 1G Profit systems. There was nothing but disappointment for them, which was a testing time of life. Who can stay cool and calm, after knowing that their hard earned money has been lost by a bunch of strangers who looted for their personal satisfaction!

– Telvin Smith (Florida St LB) is a natural when the lights come on. He provided me with the best interview of the week so far. Smith said that teams better grab him because he is “hot like Krispy Kreme donuts.” The 49ers have spoken to him. Smith refuses to switch to safety. He showed a lot of energy on the field and surprised me with his ability to get to the ball in pass rushing drills.

– Kyle Van Noy (BYU LB) was the most impressive player to me today. He showed that he is the best linebacker here. Van Noy was very smooth in pursuit drills and caught the ball well with his hands in every drill. He showed that he can either blow up the running back in pass rushing drills or use a finesse move. Van Noy almost came up with an incredible one handed interception but he couldn’t pull it in.

– Jaylen Watkins (Florida CB) looked very good. He got beat at the line in one on ones but he recovered and undercut the slant route to intercept the ball. He covered bigger receivers in Jordan Matthews and Cody Hoffman very well.

– Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt WR) showed that he is a hard worker. He called Phil Savage at 5:30am to have someone come up the facility so that he could watch film. After practice he stayed and ran routes with Derek Carr and Cody Hoffman while other players conducted interviews. Matthews did well against a bigger corner from Utah in Keith McGill. He made a nice diving catch on the sideline and consistently caught the ball in traffic.

– Ryan Grant from Tulane impressed me in one on ones. He is very shifty at the line and is smooth within his routes. Grant used a nice move to get off of press coverage against Watkins.

– Jalen Saunders (Oklahoma WR) is the smallest player here. He showed a lot of wiggle in his routes and at the line. Saunders caught everything that was thrown to him with his hands. He is also a very good return guy.

– Lorenzo Taliaferro (Coastal Carolina RB) impressed me in pass pro drills. He stonewalled pretty much every defender that he came across. He is a big running back at 6’2″ 230 lbs.

– Derek Carr (Fresno St QB) showed that he could throw the ball in the wind. His throws cut through the wind well.

– Jordan Tripp (Montana LB) looked pretty smooth in drills. He took some reps at inside linebacker. He showed the ability to break down and accelerate towards the running back in a few drills.