OAKLAND — While the A’s playoff dreams may be expired, there are some bright spots left on the roster. 25-year-old rookie outfielder Billy Burns has proven to be one of those spots consistently since joining the team in May, and now several fans (and some writers) have begun discussing whether or not he should be considered in the American League’s Rookie of the Year voting.

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Widely considered to be a 4th outfielder, Burns was never technically supposed to play for the A’s this season. Some questioned whether or not he had big league potential at all. He was seen in the dugout during the first two games of the 2015 season, then found himself back in Triple-A. After Coco Crisp was shut down due to injury, Burns was brought back.

During his first two months in the bigs, Burns had a 16-game hitting streak, and kept his average above .300. His average currently sits at .295 with 27 RBI, 24 stolen bases and 21 walks. He has committed just one error in center field. Amongst all MLB rookies, Burns is ranked second behind San Francisco’s Matt Duffy. There is no doubt he has added a spark to the lineup, and has become a hit in the clubhouse. A’s All Star Stephen Vogt had this to say about Burns:

“He’s the Rookie of the Year so far this year. He’s not getting the recognition that he should be nationally. (But) he’s been probably our most consistent player all year and is doing it as a rookie.

Despite missing the first month of the season, Burns has played the second most games of any rookie in the American League. His impact and almost immediate transition into the lead-off role, regardless of the team’s slumping status is indisputable. The answer to the question is yes, Billy Burns should be this year’s Rookie of the Year.