Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry Named to All-NBA Second Team

Warriors All-Star guard Stephan Curry was named to the All-NBA Second team on Wednesday, making this his first selection during his five-year career. While the 25-year-old had a rough 2011-12 season playing in only 26 games, he’s come on strong the last two years with 78 games played in each, becoming the first player to lead the league in threes in back-to-back seasons since Ray Allen did so in 2001-02 and 2002-03.

Other notable stats include leading the NBA in both 30-point/ten-assist games (ten) and 20-point/ten-assist games (18) while becoming the first player in franchise history to record four 30-point/15-assist games, the most in a single season by any player since John Stockton had four in 1989-90.

While this is all fine and dandy, Curry and Warriors fans are probably scratching their head as to why Curry wasn’t named to the first team. Eclipsing him was James Harden, who edged out Curry for the last guard spot by only 13 points, by far the smallest difference between any two players competing for the higher spots.

While Curry only averaged 23.7 points to Harden’s 24 per 36 minutes, Curry played in five more games than Harden, made 84 more threes while still shooting 42% to Harden’s 36%, and averaged 8.4 assists per 36 to Harden’s 5.8. When you talk about which player made the most impact to his team and the better season, to this writer there’s no question that Curry was snubbed by the voters for first team honors.

Perhaps the only reason why Curry didn’t receive first team honors was the team’s uneven play during the course of the regular season, although that could hardly be blamed on him. Not that the Warriors care about individual accolades anyway, as evidenced by the Warrior’s aggressive pursuit of new coach Steve Kerr, and ongoing rumours of interest from Kevin Love joining the squad. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the same thing that matter to every NBA team.


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