Golden State Warriors

Welcome to the Bay Area Steve Kerr

On Tuesday afternoon, the Golden State Warriors and General Manager Bob Myers introduced new Head Coach Steve Kerr to the Bay Area media.

Kerr, who is still under contract with TNT Sports, was excited about the prospects with the Warriors and cannot wait to get to work with the team after he fulfills his TV commitment during the 2014 NBA Western Conference Finals.

During the conference, Kerr adamantly complemented the team, the ownership group, and the Warriors fan base.

Kerr stated, “There are wonderful people in the organization and on the roster, and I am excited to be a part of it.”

When asked about the offers from the New York Knicks and the Warriors, Kerr was quick to respond.  Kerr noted “They were both unbelievable opportunities; the Warriors situation just clicked because it was a better fit for my family and I.”

Myers was asked why he would go with another coach that did not have any head coaching experience. He , “I have a strong confidence in Steve’s ability, and he will continue to grow as a coach and get better everyday.”

Kerr and Myers were both in agreement that they feel that the triumvirate relationship of the Owner-GM-Coach will be crucial to the success of the team.

Kerr went on to stress that the fan base in the Bay Area is crucial to the team’s success and that he is looking forward to maintaining the current upward trend of the team.

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